Scottish Bagpiping by Peter D Beckford

Bagpiper for hire - Peter D BeckfordScottish bagpiping is music that goes back to the Middle Ages in Scotland, when clans and chiefs had pipers and bagpipe music for many occasions, from the solemn act of calling in the clan in times of loss or danger to the festive jigs and dances that accompanied weddings and feasts.  Highland bagpipes have a nine note chanter, two drones and a bass drone all powered by a bellows sytem.  The tone is amazingly rich and full. 

Piping naturally complements solemn events and ceremonies and can give great comfort in times of loss, very much "calling the clan together".  Festivities and celebrations are lifted high by the piper's jigs and reels.  Many spirituals are well suited to the pipes as well, reaching into the soul with the pipes' penetrating beauty.

Central Maine has one of the best event pipers in Peter D Beckford of Clifton.  Peter has been playing since his youth and has studied with famed piper, Donald F. Lindsey.  He competes in Highland Games around the country and has taught piping to his two sons, who have competed internationally.  Peter plays at weddings and ceremonies throughout the state, for funerals and memorials and would be happy to bring the joy and solemnity of Scottish bagpiping to your event or family gathering.  When you need to hire a bagpiper, hire Maine's best, professional bagpiper Peter D. Beckford.

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